AV Tech

Our immersive venues and DigitalSky™ planetariums combine projection and audio systems of superb quality. Our extensive networks of exceptional partner technology vendors provide us the ability to deploy the latest advancements in technology as soon as it’s available, to ensure clients are up to date with the newest specs and capabilities.

Working alongside our exclusive partner Sky-Skan GmbH we provide a wide range of specialist products and expertise to optimize AV systems to perform at their absolute best. We are innovative in our selections, mindful of interoperability/upgradeability and fault resistance/tolerance. When considering the track record of manufacturers and suppliers as well as our personal experience in the field with the actual performance of different types of equipment. SSIA Technologies is not constrained by any business need to have “cookie cutter” theater installations and put ourselves in your shoes and decide what we would want to operate with.


A schematic view of a projector that displays the image in a planetarium.

We offer a wide range of projectors to ensure we meet your needs, preferences and budget. Whether single channel or multi-channel, 4k or 10k+ resolutions, high contrast or high brightness – we’ll ensure you have sharp, colorful reliable displays. Check out our auto-blending and auto-alignment system PerfectSky™ that keeps projection alignment in check.

Our projection technology partners include Barco, Christie, Digital Projection, JVC, Norxe and Sony


A schematic view of a powerful speaker used to fill a fulldome theater with immersive sound.

Surround sound plays a major role in immersing audiences. With support for a number of channels, sound can be placed precisely where it should be with full tonal accuracy and hearty low-end rumble to make a big impression. We spec the best amplifiers, transducers, digital signal processors, and industry standard tuning technologies to deliver uniform, full-spectrum audio from every channel to every seat. We have access to an array of quality products provided by different manufactures to ensure the best system for your needs/budget.


A schematic view of a server rack that houses the brains behind the curtain. This drives everything seen or heard by audiences in the planetarium.

Behind the curtain we install powerful cluster-based servers that feature top-quality nVidia graphics acceleration. Our servers are industrial-grade units that keep cool and keep working. They run on a special version of Windows that is designed for critical applications, are accessible for remote support by our service engineers, and are protected by a firewall.

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