DigitalSky Dark Matter

DigitalSky Dark Matter

At the heart of our planetarium systems is Sky-Skan’s DigitalSky™ – Dark Matter, combining programmable science simulation, fulldome video playback, external device control (through SCS) and show performance control in one elegant, flexible, and powerful user interface.

The Hubble Space Telescope floats above the Earth in the Dark Matter immersive planetarium software

Real-Time Science Exploration

Within DigitalSky Dark Matter™ lies access to elements of the known universe. You can explore local planets or visit potential exoplanets where humans may one day explore. You can visit a Rover performing analysis on Mars, ride along with a lander on a comet, or dive down into the human body or chemical sciences for a closer look at the world. All of this can be presented in real-time which allows interactivity with your audiences.



You can place buttons and controls where they work for you and your operators. You can chain events to make a single button fire up the whole operation and load up your introduction/safety announcements. You can import your own images, videos and 3D models to craft custom elements, educational modules or even full shows to give audiences a unique experience unlike any other.


SSIA provides onsite, in-person software training for any number of staff members with our systems to ensure that you have the focused attention and dedicated professional development time specific for your theater and use cases. Training sessions may take place in the theater with the main system, or on a number of offline production machines in a classroom setup if provided. Basic training is three/four days, and additional training sessions, either in person or remote, can be scheduled upon request.

SSIA Technology employee training client staff to operate their theater and create new graphic and educational elements in Dark Matter.

Sky-Skan’s DigitalSky-Dark MatterTM software allows a variety of  workflow options for presenters, producers, and power users alike. Our training program is geared to build a highly successful and talented team in each of our installations.

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